"Mark is an excellent teacher. He is a great mix of professional and approachable. Lessons are always well prepared and fun. Our Granddaughter was a beginner almost two years ago and has made progress thanks to Mark, way beyond our expectations. This has been a great and valuable confidence builder for her. She looks forward to her weekly lessons and was so pleased that Mark organised for them to continue through the Covid-19 months via Zoom...just having that bit of normality has made all the difference. If you are lucky enough to be offered a space in Mark's schedule grab it! We cannot recommend Mark highly enough." - Julia Griffiths, Grandparent, Plymouth.


"Mark has been teaching the piano to both our daughters (12 and 9 years old) for more than two years now and the girls love every single minute of it. Our youngest daughter was never too enthusiastic about music, but somehow Mark makes her enjoy it and she is now practising by herself without us having to ask. We are very impressed with the girls' progress; we would recommend Mark to anyone who takes the piano seriously." -  Diana Marcus,  Parent,  Plymouth. 


"He's a fantastic teacher, phenomenal player and all round nice guy. If you want to learn piano, this is definitely the guy!"  -  Josiah Manning,  Director,  Momentum Studios,  Plymouth.


"I’ve been taking piano lessons with Mark for just coming up to a year now and look forward to it and enjoy it every week. Mark has a tremendous knowledge of music and the piano and with his easy going way and enormous patience makes every lesson a joy. Highly recommended." -  Jim Wiles (68 years), Student, Plymouth. 


"Mark has been an inspirational teacher to Sam. Having failed to engage with traditional style teachers Sam was anxious to be taught in an alternative style.  Mark captured Sam's need  to play the piano for his own pleasure and as a means of relieveing the stress of adolesence. Now, as a shy young adult, Sam will enter a room and rather than strike up a conversation will prefer to sit and play the piano to an audience. Mark has most certainly given Sam a life skill and means of communication."  -  Jacqui Spencer,  Parent,  Plymouth.


"Great tuition from a teacher with great musical skill."  -  Dan Marker,  Student,  Plymouth.


"I can't read music myself, but based on his love of music, I guess that there is a place in the greats waiting for him."  -  David Whitehouse,  Parent.